We are Against Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is one of the critical issues in many businesses nowadays.

This heinous and inhumane crime against humanity, must be fully removed from the business world, because it’s a high-degree violation towards human rights. Many governing bodies and companies across the world are trying their best in creating acts and policies to battle this issue, and so do we and our partners.

Despite the law regarding modern slavery in Indonesia still remain unclear and located in the gray area, MI has been taking many proactive measures in forms of policies and acts, since the beginning of its establishment, based on western standards and practices, such as the UK Modern Slavery Act.

Currently, the followings are the actions that we have taken, to ensure that our company is slavery free and contributing towards the abolishment of modern slavery.

1. Every employees must be over the legal age of 18 in order to work in our company.

2. Every employees has the right to hold their respective privacy and private documents such as ID, Passport, etc. We don’t have any rights to forcibly hold and interfere.

3. Every employees has the right to take sick / maternal / paternal leave for any health and critical reasons, and shall not be enforced to work under critical health conditions.

It is also our responsibility to ensure the safety and wellness of our 200+ employees, through ensuring the application of security system, safe working SOP, and first aid & medical response.

We are responsible for any accidental or hazard occurences that happened to our employees inside the company, and we are responsible in ensuring their health safety and recovery.

Through all of these acts, we hoped that we could create a better world that’s free from slavery & unfairness for everyone.

So, what are your thoughts regarding modern slavery and its heinous crime, our dearest readers?