Another Year Another New Opportunity

Collaborating with many countries across the continent is one of the essential part of MI’s goals. We are always ready to supporting clients looking to translate their design briefs into case goods and soft furnishings to furnish rooms and open spaces around the world.

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In 2023, MI has succeeded in entering another export destination country, Mauritius. Mauritius is an island country in the Indian Ocean, located off the eastern coast of Africa, about 5200 km away from Indonesia. But of course, distance is never be a hindrance for MI to deliver its best quality furniture to all its partners around the globe.

Limoges Collection

MI’s first container shipment to Mauritius this year contained two retail bedset collections, Limoges and Touluse. Limoges is a Beautiful range made with natural fianish giving ultimate pleasure and calm feeling while Toulouse is a French Louis style range with hand carved detailing, hand painted and lightly distressed. These two collections are expected to be a foundation for long-term partnership between MI and its Mauritus client.

Touluse Collection

We will never cease to acquire new partners from all corners of the world. In the upcoming future we will be very delighted in the look forward to be your trusted, experieced and excellent partner.