Mebel International (MI) Bespoke furniture manufacturers…


Since 2004 MI has been proudly supporting clients looking to translate their design briefs into case goods and soft furnishings to furnish rooms and open spaces around the world.

MI serves two sectors Hospitality and RetailWith dedicated design, carpentry, fulfillment, and after service teams within each respective division, MI was designed for those seeking Quality yet Value, Beauty yet Robustness. All MI furniture is made for real-world use where attention to the components that may never be seen, are joined, screwed, and glued in such ways that every finished design is designed to last.

MI Hospitality
Catering to the Hotel, Resort, and Timeshare needs whether clients require quality ‘one-offs’ to accommodating new or renovation bespoke wooden furniture projects for bedrooms and public areas. MI works directly with clients and partners in understanding unique needs while delivering what’s required on time.

MI Retail
Supports both the Retail supply network and Self Serviced Accommodation providers, offering volume manufacturing of individually made pieces through to full furniture collections.

Today MI is one of the oldest dedicated export furniture manufacturers in Indonesia, with over 250 passionate full-time employees focusing on two aspects alone. Trust and Delivery.

Over 500,000 bespoke manufactured pieces and counting…
MI represents quality, style, and comfort for rooms and public spaces around the world and continues to develop and broaden its design capability in creating realms of styles and ranges that today deliver into markets across five of the six worlds populated continents.

We look forward to working with you.



Mebel International (‘Mebel’ means Furniture in Dutch and Indonesian) is founded in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia by Mr. Christianto Prabawa. A small rented space of 200m2 is sourced along with four employees recruited and trained, and the beginnings of MI, in ‘wooden cabinet manufacturing and production,’ commences. Cabinets are sold for the overseas markets and through an exporter into the United States.


MI’s growth and deliverables in furniture are recognized internationally when a major British Wholesale Group offers MI a significant contract in the fulfillment of the group’s premium ranges of bespoke furniture pieces and collections. With this new contract confirmed, MI seeks more extensive accommodation [2500 m2] at ‘Tambak Aji Industrial Park’ and increases its’ staffing numbers to deliver for their first significant export client.


Growing demand from across the world means MI need to expand and further acquire land adjacent to their existing facility to bring the total land area to 12.000m2 / 10.000m2 workspace. Furniture is being manufactured for retail stores across South Korea, Japan, UK, and Europe.


MI win a major North American contract in supplying a Hospitality fulfillment group headquartered in California. Hotel projects are forthcoming on the back of the success in manufacturing on behalf of the group, and MI recruits a dedicated talent team within R&D for its’s fulfillment. Further investment into new machinery and the construction of a new building to ensure all furniture is produced in the most efficient timelines possible.


MI is supported by a team of over 250 professionally skilled carpenters, hand carvers, artists, and talented staff while continuing to serve the same clients (from 2006 and 2014) in the supply of beautiful handmade furniture around the globe. Furniture is provided to clients across Retail, Hotel (Major chains and Boutiques) Timeshare, Resorts, and Accommodation Providers. Expansion continues with MI in bringing workable floor space up to 11,500m2 and the construction of additional secondary floor workspace areas.


Christianto Prabawa/ CEO

  • Mebel International
  • PIKA Woodworking School, Semarang

Shianny Nugroho / Director

  • Mebel International
  • Engineer, UNDIP Semarang

Fransiskus P (Frans) / Director

  • Mebel International
  • PIKA Woodworking school, Semarang

Wahyu Andi Wawan / R&D Head

  • Mebel International
  • Civil engineering, University Semarang

Ruyati / PPIC Head

  • Mebel International
  • Information System, Unisbank Semarang

Samuel Pramata / General Manager

  • Mebel International
  • Electro, Unika Semarang



Over 1 million bespoke furniture pieces manufactured and delivered to; UK, United States, Japan, Australia, Italy, The Netherlands, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Taiwan, Macao, Canada, India…