Scholarships for Better Future

Ensuring the welfare & education level in the society is one of our main responsibility as a company, because we and one of our major partner believe that education is one of the most important thing that moves the wheel of welfare, and can turns the world and future into a better place. In order to make our responsibility become a realization and not just a mere sentences, one of our major partners approached us back in 2016 to create a scholarship program that reach many students around our area as a sign of gratitude, and we decided to help them through direct and active contribution that we can give.

Until now, the program has been going on smoothly and our latest direct scholarship distribution occured back in July 2019, with around 70 students as the scholarship recipient. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we are not able to host a direct event this year for safety reasons. Because of that, we decided to held the event online, whereas we ensured that the scholarship incentives and benefits are transferred digitally, so it can be used by them to support themselves during these hard times.

Through this Scholarship program, we hope that these childrens and students will become more motivated and supported in reaching their dreams, so that they will have a bright future ahead and can create a better world & future for everyone in the society.

For the foreseeable future, we hope that this program will always keep going on smoothly, and we will always be able to share more welfare with more students around us.