Rainy Season Precaution

Hello Everyone! Our warmest greetings from Mebel International during this cold rainy season 😊

Cold rainy season is surely one of the bliss in living on tropical countries, especially in Indonesia, whereas the breeze of rainy season makes it feels really cozy & comfortable. However, it surely comes with many challenges that we must overcome & anticipate, because mother nature can be really unfriendly at times. In order to ensure that our operations & productions still can run sustainably, we have prepared some precautions that can ensure their sustainability.

Our main precaution to ensure that we are still able to deliver high quality furnitures to our customers during this rainy season, is that we have prepared and maintained our paint drying facility to always be on standby. This is arguably our most important facility and precaution during this season, because we don’t want to have undried paints in our customers’ product finishing, since quality is number one in delivering our furniture products to customers’ hands.

Then, another of our main precaution is that we are ensuring all of our materials, production activities & finished products are stored and held in a safe place, with water-resistant & leakproof roofs. This is also one of our crucial precautions during this rainy season, because if our storage & activities gets compromised by rain, it could create an unwanted & costly domino effects in our daily operations.

Lastly, we are also maintaining the flow of air & water inside and around our manufacturing facilities to prevent any unwanted problems. We did this by ensuring that our water sewers have smooth flow, through ensuring its cleanliness from any obstacles and free from any mosquitos’ nest, to prevent any flooding problems and dangerous disease in this rainy season.

Nevertheless, we are also ensuring that our facilities are well covered by water-resistant & leakproof roofs, while also still having good air flow circulation in all areas starting from storage to loading bay, in order to maintain effectiveness.

So, have you prepared your precaution for the rainy season, our dearest readers?