Mebel International presence in Mauritius

Despite of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Indonesia Consulate General has finally opened its “Indonesian House”  in Mauritius after some delays caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic in the beginning of the year. In this grand opening, we were given an opportunity by the Consulate General to showcase one of our main products collection, as the main showcase & attraction of the Indonesian House in Mauritius.

It is a really big pleasure & honour for us for the given opportunity by Indonesia Consulate General. As a sign of our grateful remarks, we have decided to shown our fabulous and elegant Limoges collections, as the main showcase of the Indonesian House in Mauritius.

The Fabulous and Elegant Limoges collections that we have shown there are hoped to attract the attention of Mauritius people, and many more people worldwide, in order to increase the worldwide attractiveness of Indonesian’s High Quality Furniture products.

We hope that we could showcase our collections furthermore in many Indonesia Consulate General, and carve more paths for Indonesian furniture exports across the world.