Stay Safe during COVID-19

Social distancing, wearing mask and stay safe is a mandatory rules in daily working activities during this perilous time.

Staying Safe during Perilous Times

As we all know, we are facing a global pandemic with the spread of COVID-19. We at Mebel International considers safety as our number one priority. To keep ourselves and others safe, we implemented several policies to reduce the probability of spreading the disease. The most important thing is that every member of our company must wear a mask at all times and maintain six feet of distance between each other, complying with CDC regulations.

We also demand that any member of our company that has been abroad to stay home and self-quarantine for 14 days.

Regular Temperature check-ups have become the norm for us before we go through our days, creating your dream furniture.

We have to make sure to do our part in reducing the number of cases. We won’t let this pandemic inhibit us from creating top-quality products for our customers all around the world.