Expecting the Unexpected

When it comes to bringing our customers dreams to life, we never skip out on the details. We don’t just execute our customer’s design. We observe and delve into what path we should take to arrive at the destination. We know what it takes so that your plan can blossom to its fullest potential.  Like in a previous project for a Hotel in USA, before manufacturing the products, we plan ahead on how it would be transported to each room. The first challenge is how we could fit the bed frame into the limited elevator space and corridors.

 With careful thought, our team gathers the dimensions of the hallways and door space to create a simulation of how our products should be loaded later on.

With this meticulous planning and foresight, we were able to provide our customers with a sense of safety and assurance. People often neglect these details, but rest assured, our team at Mebel International is here continually expecting the unexpected.

Weekly meeting in MI between R&D and Production team to ensure design and actual item are perfectly produced.