Giving The Best for One Last Time

Losing a loved one is surely a really painful feeling, and what you can do to lessen the grief is to give a beautiful final resting place, as a sign of respect for our loved ones.

In Mebel International, we don’t just sit and let ideas stay in the drawing board, we made them into a reality. When we said that we could make anything you asked for, we really meant it. So, let’s take a look at what we’re currently making for our customers in Belgium! We confidently welcome our very first wooden coffins, which is a beautiful afterlife home. This premier batch of coffins is truly crafted with our passion and years of experience in woodworking to ensure the highest quality.

In case you were wondering, these coffins are made of Mindi wood. In addition to being easy to shape and having nice wood grain, Mindi has a built-in resistance against rotting and mildew. Thus, the wood used to make these coffins is the absolute best choice. For the machine, an advanced and excellent machine known as moulding was also used to assist in the manufacture of this coffin. A machine for shaping wood into angles, curves, or motifs that can be used for mounting purposes or as decorative accents.

In Mebel International, we are always trying our best in delivering the best quality of our bespoke furniture to our customers across the globe. We do always want to ensure that our high quality bespoke furniture will bring the best experience in enhancing our customers’ convenience and joy, directly to their living place. It is our main duty to ensure that our furniture will always be able to serve our customers well and bring them joy through different times and era.

As illustrated by the exquisite detail, each carving is one-of-a-kind and has its own story. We made two carvings all as requested. An engraving on the right shows a giglio, and one on the left shows a rose. We strive to make each piece flawless because we believe that a great process leads to perfection.

Here are some photos of our nearly finished, packing-ready coffins.
Our work is customized to the customer’s request and usually takes 8 to 10 weeks to complete. We recently completed a second container shipment of a maximum production capacity of 154 coffins per container, and will continue to do so.

Challenging as it seems at a glance, this bespoke afterlife home is indeed a significant and surprising breakthrough and innovation for us with many new experiences along the way, and we believe that the future will always have more things to discover. For us, our customers live eternally in our heart, and we always want to fully serve them to our heart content anywhere and anytime. By creating this bespoke afterlife home, we believe and hope that our customers could enjoy their time in the afterlife.

What’s next in the list? We never know. Who knows if we could make bespoke furniture for automotive or the medical world in the upcoming future? or maybe even furniture for pets? The answer for us is to keep discovering and innovating in the upcoming times.

Last but not least, feel free to let us know what you need! We are ready to assist you in meeting your needs and even exceeding your expectations. Stay tuned to see more upcoming surprise and masterpiece from us!