Giving Grace during The Pandemic

It is one of our main social responsibility as a company to ensure the welfare of our employees, especially during these hard times caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic which affect many of us. In this given opportunity, one of our major partners reached us and offered to distribute some grace in forms of essential food supplies to all of our 250 employees as a sign of gratitude, respect & support during these hard times.

We were really grateful for our partner’s support during these times, because we know that it’s really important for our employees to get all of the support they can get during the pandemic, which impacted all of us in a really hard way. As our sign of gratitude, we helped our partner through preparing the distribution system in advance to ensure the safety during the event.

During the grace distribution, we implemented social distancing protocol as safety measures, in order to ensure that everyone received their share of grace and always stay healthy afterwards.

From this event, we hoped that this support from our major partner can make our employees feel more helped and enlightened in fulfilling their essential daily needs, especially during these hard times. It is also hoped that our employees will feel more motivated in their daily life, and we hope that this pandemic will be over soon in the foreseeable future.

We would like to say Thank You Very Much to our partner for their generous support & trust towards us during these times!