Ministry of Industry and Trade Coaching Program

Greetings everyone.

Recently, Mebel International received a visit from PPEI (Indonesian Export Education and Training Center) in collaboration with the Central Java Ministry of Industry and Trade, to verify local companies engaged in the export sector.

PPEI is one of DJPEN’s (Directorate General for National Export Development) program under the auspices of Ministry of Trade, that provide guidances towards local companies through business coaching. The aim of this program is to assist these companies and Indonesia’s trade exposure in the international world.

This visit is being conducted by the ministry towards curated local companies that are engaged in the export sector, to get better insights regarding the company’s condition, in order to give the fitting business coaching program.

Mebel International also received some pre-eliminary coaching from Mr. Heryono Hadi Prasetyo as the head of PPEI, who has served as a trade attache in Dubai, Lagos and Russia. From his coaching, we learned more insights regarding the potential of international market and who could be contacted to help during the coaching program, which will be beneficial for us in both short-run and long-run.

This coaching program opportunity is surely a high privilege for us. Therefore, we are expecting to develop our business and quality further, in accordance with our own and government’s goals and standards.